November 10, 2014

I know you will have a hard time believing this but this super delicious jelly is made out of bletted medlar. Who would have known that this pile of rotten mess can be transformed into something so pretty.

As mentioned in my medlar special they are high in pectin and therefore great for making jams and jellies. The jelly usually sets clear. I used a little more sugar and boiled it a little longer – so the jelly set real fast leaving the small air bubbles trapped inside. This way the jelly looks glittery – like sunshine in a jar!

The taste is really subtle – a little rose like – nothing like the medlar before actually. Medlar jelly can be used like any jam on a breakfast toast. But it’s especially good with roasted meats, cold meats and cheese!



  • 1.6kg bletted medlars
  • 400g firm medlars
  • 3 lemons
  • 2 small apples
  • 2l water
  • about 800g sugar

fox_medlar_jelly fox_medlar_jelly

_ check medlars for rotten spots [brown in the middle is good, but throw out those with rotten patches on the outside]

_ slice medlar fruits in half [quarter the big ones]


_ cut each apple and lemon into 8 chunks

_ place all fruit in a large pot

_ cover with water

_ bring to a boil

_ lower the heat, cover partially with a lid and simmer for 1 hour [longer if the green medlars don’t get soft]

_ give the fruit an occasional squash with a wooden spoon [do not stir to much or mash the fruit – otherwise the jelly will get cloudy]

_ pour the fruit and its liquid into a jelly bag suspended over a large bowl [you can also use a kitchen towel – chair construction as seen in the picture]


_ let the juice drip [give it an occasional squeeze, but don’t press to hard]


_ weigh the juice

_ prepare sugar [per 400g juice : 300g sugar]

_ pour juice back into a saucepan [if you want the jelly less foggy you can pour the juice through a coffee filter]

_ boil hard for 6 minutes

_ add sugar [stir until dissolved]

_ boil for another 2 minutes

_ ladle into sterilized, warm jars and seal tight


_ leave to cool

[if your medlar still hasn’t set after a few hours – pour back into the pan and boil for 4-8 minutes before returning it to the jars]

_ stored in a cool dark place the jelly should stay good for at least a couple of years

fox_medlar_jelly fox_medlar_jelly


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