May 6, 2015

Springtime! Finally the first colors start to appear in the landscape. Time to go out and hunt for some dandelions. Dandelion honey is the most delicious treat – made from dandelion, sugar and lemon. You can use it like honey or jam on bread or sweetener on desserts. You will definitely make friends bringing this as a gift!

Do yourself a favor and start with a small amount. It takes me about one hour to remove the green parts and end up with 100g yellow dandelion flower paddles. So make yourself comfortable and start a new audio book – this will take a while!

Collect flowers in full bloom – without any shriveled paddles. The bigger the flower head – the fast you will be when removing the green parts.


  • 1 l pitcher dandelion flower leaves
  • 1 l water
  • 1 lemon [juice + zest]
  • 500g sugar


_ collect dandelion flower heads in full bloom [give the wildlife a chance to flee the scene]


_ cut away all green parts – leaving only the yellow and white flower paddles

_ place in a bowl and add water until just covered [you might need to push them a little to keep them from floating up]


_ leave for 2 hours

_ transfer to a pot, cover and simmer for 20 minutes

_ remove from heat and let the favors absorb over night

_ next day strain the liquid through a sieve

[if you want your honey to be clear like a jelly strain through a fine meshed cloth, multiple layers of kitchen paper or a coffee filter – if you don’t mind it being a bit murky straining it through a fine meshed sieve will do]


_ add sugar [half the weight of the liquid], lemon juice and zest

_ bring to a boil

_ simmer until dandelion water begins to thicken [this might take a few hours]

[to check the right texture – transfer a tablespoon of the mixture onto a cold plate and see how you like the thickness – it should be like viscous honey]

[better to end up too runny than with a block of candy – if you feel it is too runny when cold you can always reheat and simmer it a bit longer]

_ transfer to sterile glasses while still hot

_ close tight and keep in a dark spot


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