April 2, 2015

A few months back I was volunteering for a social design project in PhnomPenh – Future Living Studio. I met wonderful, inspiring people and learned tons! For many reasons I’m glad to be back in clean-air, mountainous Austria. But I do miss the happy attitude and the delicious food! We usually went out for lunch and dinner – since it costs next to nothing and tastes amazing. The few days we stayed in we had to improvise on food. Our kitchen was equipped with 3 spoons, 3 small bowls, a rice cooker and a blunt knife! Luckily one of my colleagues was half French – half Japanese and really knew how to get the best out of a plain rice cooker!

She introduced us to the world of Onigiri. Those quick and easy to make rice triangles make for a great lunch or last minute dinner! All you need is some good [sticky] rice, salt and sea weed sheets. Once you get the technique down you may start to spice up the recipe. You can fill the triangles with tuna or mix dried herbs and spices into the rice. The only important thing here is to add the sea weed strips all the way in the end – otherwise they will get soggy. In a good asian store you will get the stripes individually wrapped anyway. If not – you can go for big sushi sea weed sheets and cut them into strips.

Recently I got myself a nice bento box for work and those Onigiri fit perfectly! Thanks Emilie for sharing your Japanese cooking skills with me!


  • good asian rice [sushi rice]
  • canned tuna
  • mayonnaise
  • salt
  • sea weed paper [very dry]


_ boil rice [in a rice cooker to get it nice and sticky]

_ mix 4:1 tuna with mayonnaise in a small bowl

_ wet your hands

_ sprinkle a little salt onto your hands


_ take a good hand full of rice and press it into a tight triangle

[I like to make them rather small – otherwise the tuna:rice ratio is off]

_ punch a hole in the middle

_ fill with a teaspoon tuna

_ close the rice triangle again [make sure it’s tightly pressed into shape]


_ cut seas weed into 3cm wide stripes

_ wrap one around the triangle


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