August 8, 2017

Finally some hot days ahead. There is nothing better than a frozen treat to cool you down. Unfortunately most ice creams and popsicles include a lot of cream or sugar. This recipe is refreshing and healthy alternative. Soothing like a mug of tea in winter – but then reversed ;)


  • 3 cups [750ml] water
  • ⅓ cup [104g] honey
  • 4 bags chamomile tea [¼ cup fresh flowers]

_ bring water to a boil

_ remove from heat and add chamomile

_ steep for 10 minutes

_ remove teabags [or strain through a sieve to get the flowers out]

_ stir in honey

_ fill into popsicle moulds [leave about 5mm on top so the fluid can expand when freezing]

_ place lid on top and add popsicle sticks [if they float up freeze popsicles for about 15 minutes and insert then]

_ freeze over night or at least eight hours

_ remove popsicles from moulds and enjoy immediately [if they don’t come out freely run warm water along the underside of the popsicle moulds]

Popsicles defrost quickly and therefore are very drippy. You might wanna enjoy them outside ;)

Fold popsicles in parchment [baking sheet or sandwich paper] and store in the freezer.


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