April 22, 2014

Another one of my favorite Austrian recipes. Frittaten are just cut up Palatschinken you eat in soup. Palatschinken are thin [1-2mm] and quite neutral flavored versions of pancakes. They can be filled with quark, ice cream or jam to be eaten as a dessert. Often it’s used like tortillas and filled with meat or vegetables. And since the Austrians are a very practical people they use left over Palatschinken, cut them up and eat them in the soup the next day. 


  • 120g flour
  • 1 egg
  • 100ml milk
  • pinch salt
  • sun flour oil 

  • soup seasoning

_ mix flour and salt


_ add egg and half the milk [by hand]

_ once all lumps are gone add rest of the milk

[if you are using wholemeal flour let it sit for a few minutes – might need more milk]

_ heat oil in a pan


_ fry thin pancakes [don’t worry – the first one never looks pretty]


_ let them cool


_ prepare some soup from soup seasoning [or some pre made stock]

_ cut pancakes into thin slices

You can also freeze and use them later. 

_ place them in a soup bowl and cover with soup and fresh herbs

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