August 21, 2017

For all the Schnaps and liqueur lovers out there! This is the most Austrian drink you can get. Schnaps or liqueur made out of Austrian stone pines. Love it!
Surprisingly easy to make. You just need to pick the right time of year to prepare this. Even though you – like me – think of fall when thinking of pine cones the right time to make this recipe is when the pine cones are still soft. So some time July should be good. Depending on the region you are collecting in.
These pines – as the name says – mainly grow in the Alpine regions over a certain altitude. Therefore this alcohol is mainly consumed up on mountain huts.
Considered to be good to prevent colds, flues, infections and bronchitis I mainly like it because the smell of it reminds me of mountains and family hiking trips.


  • 100g brown rock candy [Kandiszucker]
  • 0.7l Korn [tasteless grain brand with 32-38 volume percent alcohol]
  • 2 fresh stone pine cones [unripe, violett]

_ place the alcohol and the sugar in a large glass

_ cut the pine cones into thin slices 
_ place pine cones slices into the alcohol immediately

_ cover glass with a cling foil
_ store in a dark place at room temperature
[colour will start to change immediately]

[this is what the color will look like after 1 day already]
_ steep for 7 days [stir once a day]
_ strain through a fine meshed sieve or cheese cloth

_ taste and add more sugar if you like it sweeter
_ fill into individual bottles
[store in a dark place]

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