October 28, 2016

This was one amazing year for wild roses! Usually I spend hours feeling like the prince in sleeping beauty – trying to fight my way through the thorny hedges – just to gather a few wild rose hips. This year the hedges welcomed me with a bright read shower of hips. They were plum, ripe and so numerous. I didn’t even have to enter the danger zone.
I’m proud to announce I’m barely scared.


  • wild rose hips
  • apples
  • vanilla extract [optional]
  • rum [optional] 
  • lemon zest [optional]
  • canning sugar [2:1]


_ cut off stems and blossom remainders of the hips
_ place clean hips into a pot and cover with water
_ simmer until hips get soft [stir regularly – they tend to stick to the bottom of the pan]
_ press hip pulp through a ‘flotte Lotte’ or a fine meshed sieve to separate the puree from the kernels [discard of the kernels or use them to make …]

[Our cat being fascinated and irritated by the weird stuff I bring home]

_ peel apples and remove the core
_ cut into large chunks
_ add a little water and simmer until apples are tender
_ press through a sieve or use a blender to puree the apples

_ combine rose hip puree and apple puree [2 parts rose hip : 1 part apples]
_ measure how much puree you ended up with
_ combine puree, canning sugar [2:1], vanilla, a little rum and lemon zest in a large pot
_ bring to a boil [this will love to burn in the bottom – so keep stirring]
_ boil for 5 minutes
_ spoon into sterilized jars [close immediately]


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