April 28, 2019

Finally spring is in full gear! The woods around the local river are covered in wild garlic. I love this time of year when nature is reborn and always seems to come back with a gentle vengeance.

  • 50g coarse salt
  • 10g wild garlic

_ wash wild garlic and pad dry
_ finely slice the leaves

_ combine salt and wild garlic in a food processor 
_ pulse until well combined
_ spread salt onto a baking sheet

_ heat oven to 50°C and dry salt for 2 to 3 hours [place a wooden cooking spoon into the oven door so it keeps slightly ajar and the moisture can get out]
_ toss once or twice so it doesn’t lump
[alternatively you can dry the salt in the sun – takes about 6 – 8 hours]
_ crush bigger junks and transfer to a jar
[keep away from sunlight so it doesn’t loose colour and in a cool place so the flavour doesn’t weaken]

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