April 30, 2016

So I picked a big hand full of wild garlic with the intention to make wild garlic Fritatten. Turns out you need hardly any wild garlic to nicely flavor the dish. Then I remembered I haven’t made any wild garlic butter in a while. That used up a little more but I still had a lot of wild garlic left. So what’s a good way to store the lovely spring flavor for a long time? Wild garlic oil is definitely one of the easiest and most delicious!
Use the oil for salads, to top pasta or any other way you would use oil cold.


  • big hand full wild garlic
  • 100ml sunflower oil
  • 200ml olive oil

_ wash wild garlic and pad dry
_ remove stems and roughly chop wild garlic
_ place wild garlic with sunflower oil in a food processor and blend until you get a fine paste [or use a hand blender]
_ mix well with olive oil

_ transfer to an airtight container
_ leave to infuse over night
_ strain through a fine sieve
[if you want the oil to be clear place a clean cloth inside the sieve – consider that this will take quite a while longer to strain]


[don’t throw out the wild garlic pulp – you can still use it to flavor pasta or as a topping for a savory dish]

_ transfer to a clean bottle or glass
_ keep in a dark and cool place
[oil will harden in the fridge but clears up again if you take it out for a little while]
_ use to flavor doughs or just to add a spring note to your salad


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