October 11, 2014

Weinperlstrudel is probably one of my strongest childhood memory of my grandmother [on my fathers side]. As much as I like her – cooking was not one of her strong sides. My sister once said that the only way you could eat her salad was to wash and marinate it again. But Weinperlstrudel is actually really delicious and super easy to make.

Wein-perl literally translated means wine-perls. They are raising made from blue wine that grows in Korinth. They have no seeds and are especially sweet. My grandmother used to put almost four times as many in there than I do. I prefer it a ‘little’ less sweet!

This time I used store bought strudel dough [to lazy to make one myself]. The amounts listed below are for one dough at a time. So for the 4 strudel you see in the pictures I used 4 times as much.


  • 2 strudel dough sheets [about 35x45cm]
  • 0.25 cups currants [Korinthen]
  • 100g sour cream
  • 3 tablespoons butter

_ make strudel dough or defrost store bought strudel dough [they usually come the size 35x45cm and include 2 times 2 sheets]

_ melt butter

_ butter a baking tray

_ fetch two kitchen towels

_ wet one towel [so it’s moist]

_ place the moist one on the table and put the dry one on top [this will help to keep your dough sheets from drying out]


_ preheat oven to 170”C

_ place one dough sheet on the cloth

_ spread 2 tablespoons melted butter evenly on top and cover with second sheet [leaving 1 tablespoon for later]

_ spread sour cream over the dough [covering ⅔ of the sheet – leaving a little boarder on all sides]


_ sprinkle with currants

_ fold in the sides [so the cream stays inside and it fits your baking tray]


_ roll shut [starting from the sour cream covered side]


_ place in the baking tray


_ bake for about 25 min [until a soft golden]

_ brush with remaining meldet butter

_ bake for additional 5 minutes




_ let cool and dust with powdered sugar



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