December 30, 2014

As a very special treat our Dutch relatives made ‘Stoofpeertjes’ for our christmas dinner. ‘Stoof’ – stove , ‘peertjes’ – (small) pears, ‘Stoofpeertjes’ – stewed pears! These yummy pears can be eaten either as a dessert or (like cranberry sauce or Preiselbeermarmelade) with savory dishes and meat.
Very important here is to get really hard pears! That way they can cook for a longer time before getting too soft and soak up plenty of juice and wine. Getting red currant juice might be tricky (outside of Holland) but it really does the trick. Together with the port wine it makes for a great flavor and beautiful red color.
Many thanks to Anneke and Piet for treating us to this lovely dish!


  • 9 pears [hard and rather dry]
  • 200g brown sugar
  • 250ml red currant juice
  • 2 sticks cinnamon
  • 1 cup red port wine
  • water


_ skin pears [remove fly but keep stem attached]

_ place pears in a pot [standing upright]

_ add cinnamon sticks


_ pour the red currant juice over the pearsfox_stoofpeertjes

_ add sugar and wine

_ pour in water until the thick part of the pears is covered

_ cover and heat on the stove


_ simmer until pears turn red and tender

[once bottom part is almost done – flip them sideways to cook the tops]


_ let cool and remove pears


_ simmer down remaining sauce [until only about ⅓ of the liquid is left]

_ serve pears drizzled with the thickened saucefox_stoofpeertjes


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