December 4, 2014

4th December! Be careful when trying the recipe below. Once you figure out how easy it is to make your own toffees – you might regret it! I used speculaas spice to give some christmas flavor to my toffees – but you can adapt this to your liking.

With sweetened condensed milk as a base you more or less just heat and stir it until you get your desired texture. Toffee will harden quite a bit when cooling down – so take off the heat when toffee is still more liquid then you want it. To figure out the perfect time might need a few test runs. But if you heat it too long – no worries – you just gonna end up with hard toffee – still yummy.




_ put condensed milk into a frying pan

_ heat to medium-low

_ add spice mix [stir well]

_ taste to see if you want it spicier [add more spice if needed]

_ keep stirring throughout the whole heating process!! [condensed milk will want to burn and stick to the bottom]

_ condensed milk will first get more liquid and then start to thicken [takes maybe 10-15 minutes]

_ stir until you reach a light caramel color and the mixture sticks nicely together [toffee will harden quite a bit when cooling down – so don’t heat this too long]


[if you keep stirring until you reach a thick toffee consistency you will end up with a hard toffee later – so that’s ok if you like hard toffee better]

_ transfer hot toffee to a non-sticky surface and keep stirring to form a toffee ball [no nibbling here – you will seriously burn your tounge]


_ once the toffee is cool enough to handle [like 5 to 10 minutes] roll into a toffee snake

_ use a pair of scissors to snip off individual toffees


_ let toffees cool down [toffees should not touch while cooling down – they will stick together]

_ once they are completely cold [they won’t stick anymore] you can keep them in a glass jar

[your pan will be fine again after a good soak!]

fox_soft_toffee fox_soft_toffee

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