December 21, 2014

21st December!

Today I’m going to show you a recipe probably none of you have ever heard of! SNOW CHOCOLATE! Whenever you mention that to my mother her eyes will start to glow with happy childhood memories. She grew up on a little farm all the way up on a mountain. Food in general was sparse and precious – but sweets hardly ever made it up the mountain. As a very special treat for christmas my grandmother would make these snow chocolates – without chocolate or a fridge.

The chocolate is made from powdered sugar, cocoa powder and coconut fat. Thanks to the molten coconut fat the chocolate is creamy. And once you place your molds into the snow – the coconut oil will harden and contract. That is the most fun part because the chocolate will make cracking sounds when loosening from the molds! Since it has not been snowing in Austria yet we substituted with crushed ice. Snow is better because it makes the molds cool more evenly. If you have neither you can just put them into the freezer. Boring because you won’t hear the cracking – but works.

The traditional molds are flat with animal shapes – the mouse being my mums favorite. Right after pouring the chocolate into the molds a thread is pushed into it – so it can be used as a christmas tree ornament.


  • 250g hard coconut fat
  • 500g powdered sugar
  • 6g cocoa powder
  • 6g nuts [finely grated]
  • vanilla [or rum]


_ in a large pot slowly heat coconut fat

_ once liquid slowly stir in remaining ingredients [combine well]

[put powdered sugar, cocoa and nuts through a sieve – to get rid of all lumps and too large nut pieces]

_ keep mixture on very low heat [just to keep it from getting cold]

_ prepare a large bowl or bucket with snow

_ spoon ‘chocolate’ into molds [add a short ribbon if you want to hang them later]

_ place molds into the snow


_ wait for the chocolate to make cracking sounds [chocolate will take between 10 and 20 minutes to fully harden]


_ once chocolate is fully cold remove from molds [should fall out quite easily]


_ store in a cool place


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