August 16, 2018

May I introduce you to our cat Mo. He loves to crash my photo shoots. He insists to be the center of attention all the times and if the camera is on anything but him it will not be accepted. Usually I’m annoyed that he is dipping his tale into my soup or trying to lie down on some cookies but this time his eery blue eyes made for a perfect match with my rock candy.

Growing rock candy was on my bucket list since forever. And I’m pleased to say it’s super easy to do and a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to giving this a try in all kinds of colours since they make for great gifts.
If you want colourful rock candy don’t be shy on the food colouring. The crystals only take on a small amount of the colour.
But there is no limit to what you can do here. Give mixing colours a try. For example grow dark blue crystals for 3 days, then transfer it to yellow to grow them on top of the blue.
You can also experiment with flavours. I’ve found recipes with all kind of artificial flavouring online. Personally I rather go for something subtle like saffron. Makes for a nice colour too. Although a little tricky, you can even layer some saffron strings into the growing rock candy so it grows into the crystals.


  • 1 cup water
  • 3 cups sugar
  • food colouring

_ prepare clean glasses or jars [tall and thin would be best] and round skewers [pointy tips cut off]]

_ soak skewers in water for a few minutes

_ roll skewers in sugar until they are coated from all sides and leave to dry [the better this has dried off the better the crystals will start to grow]

_ combine water and sugar in a pot

_ heat to a low temperature and stir until the sugar is dissolved

_ transfer to jars / glasses

_ leave to cool back to room temperature

_ stir in food colouring [if you want to get a strong colour don’t be shy on the food colouring – see picture]

_ place sugar coated skewers in the center of the jars / glasses

_ hold them in place with cloth pegs, tape or some other kind of construction
[make sure the skewer has plenty of space to all sides and the bottom of the glass – at least 2cm – otherwise the crystals that form on the bottom will grow together with the ones from the skewer]

_ cover with plastic wrap or a cloth [to protect it from dust]

_ leave crystals to grow for 5-7 days

_ crack the top layer of crystals, remove skewers from sugar-water and allow to dry

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