April 17, 2014

Cold, fruity and chocolaty – the perfect combination for me! That would make me an ice cream lover. Unfortunately I’m not a big fan of cream or super sweet stuff. So I came up with this 5 minute self made ice cream. No cream, as little sugar as you like and lots of fruit. You will have to serve it soon – but trust me, it tastes so delicious you will eat it immediately anyway.



  • frozen raspberries [as much as you like]
  • 2 tablespoons yogurt
  • dark chocolate or sugar


_ place yogurt and a hand full of frozen raspberries in a high and thin bowl

_ start blending [until you get a smooth cream]

_ keep adding small portions of frozen raspberries until you have the desired amount [blend each time until smooth before adding more]

_ add chopped chocolate or sugar to taste [whatever you like better] 

_ mix well

_ serve immediately!!

Try using mint chocolate – or adding some mint leaves! Gives it an extra twist.


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