November 8, 2014

There is only a brief period of time when the raspberry and the pomegranate season overlap. Too bad because they surely taste great together. This recipe is with agave syrup – so it will only stay good for a few weeks [if you keep it in a cool spot]. If you want to give this as a gift or store it for longer – use sugar instead [you need more and it will get quite a bit sweeter].

You may use store bought pomegranate juice instead of going through the hassle of juicing them yourself. Just make sure to get a 100% pomegranate juice. Most of the time it says pomegranate – but then there is only 30% real juice in it – and the rest is apple juice or just flavored water.


  • 2 pomegranates [juice]
  • 250g raspberries [frozen is ok]
  • ½ lemon [juice]
  • small handful fresh thyme
  • 2 packages powdered gelatin
  • ¼ cup agave syrup


_ get the arils out of the pomegranate

_ juice them [I used a ‘Flotte Liesl’ but you can just press them through a sieve]

_ transfer to a large pot

_ add raspberries and agave syrup

_ slowly heat until it boils

_ reduce heat and add thyme leaves

_ simmer for 20-30 minutes

_ whisk in gelatin and lemon juice

_ transfer into sterilized jars, close the lid and turn up side down

_ keep in a cold place for up to a few weeks


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