November 27, 2014

Granita is a great alternative to traditional milk ice cream. If you are not in the mood for heavy cream and sugar – go for fresh and fruity! If you get a really ripe pomegranate you can make this recipe without any additional sugar! I scraped the granita out of the freezer-container with a fork – if you like it smoother you can chop it into pieces and put it into a blender.

They also make for great popsicles [if you have moulds at home] because the juice freezes in the most beautiful pattern! The granita keeps in the fridge for a long time – so keep some as a quick dessert for surprise visits [or late night cravings].


  • 300ml pomegranate juice [about 1.5 pomegranates]
  • 30g sugar
  • 30ml water
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice [about 1 lime]
  • pinch salt


_ juice pomegranate seeds [using some fancy machine – or just your hands and a sieve]

_ boil water

_ place sugar into a large bowl

_ pour water over sugar

_ stir until well dissolved

[taste your pomegranate juice before preparing the sugar – if they are really ripe you might not need any sugar at all]

_ add first pomegranate juice and salt, then the lime juice

_ pour into a shallow container [one you can close and put in your fridge]

_ refrigerate for six hours or over night [longer is fine too]


_ use a fork to scrape out the ice crystals [you can also chop it into blocks and use a blender if you like it creamier]


fox_pomegranate_granita fox_pomegranate_granita


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