December 9, 2014

9th December!

Hounds rose hips [Hagebutten in German] are something like a wonder drug. They have more than 100 times as much Vitamin C than lemons. Mostly known for being used in tea – they make a great jelly. Personally I know it the best being an awesome itching powder! The seeds inside are covered with tiny hair – if you stuff that under somebodies shirt he will be scratching his skin for hours. Probably nothing you should do when you are older than 10 :)

Anyway – in most rose hip recipes you need to carefully scratch out the seeds and hairs before using it. Since you gonna strain this mixture through a fine mesh anyway – go ahead and just leave them whole! Saves you a lot of time – and itchy fingers.

This rose hip jelly is fantastic on toast, or to accompany roast meat – or added into your home baking. Rose hips contain pectin – so no need to add any. If  you add sugar and boil the juice for a while it will start to get a jelly all by itself!




_ wash rose hips and apples

_ chop apples up into chunks [no need to core or peel them]

_ place both into a large pot and just cover with water


_ bring to a boil

_ reduce heat, put on a lid and simmer until soft [depending on how ripe the rose hips are this can take anywhere from 15 to 60 minutes]

_ mash up with a potato masher

_ simmer for another 15 minutes [with lid on]

_ strain mixture through a muslin or a jelly bag


[since the rose hips have fine hairs inside – which can be irritating to the throat – I like to once more strain the juice through a coffee filter]

_ measure liquid and pour into a clean pan

_ for each 100ml liquid measure 75g sugar

_ add sugar to the liquid

_ bring slowly to a boil [so the sugar melts]

_ simmer until it reaches the setting point [test every 5 to 10 minutes]


[the setting point can be tested by putting a spoonful on a cold plate – draw your finger through it and see if its jelly/jam like]

[if it is a little scummy on top when ready – remove from heat and add a knob of butter]

_ pour into sterilized jars and let cool

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