November 25, 2016

Sunday morning means sleeping in and breakfast in bed. Lots of cuddling and plenty of time to enjoy something special. Hole in the bread eggs are an easy way to pimp your usual breakfast. Quick to make – no skills involved.
What I love most of all is that the german name is ‘Strammer Max’ and my Max really likes it :)


  • bread sliced
  • knob of butter [optional herb butter]
  • eggs [1 egg per bread slice]
  • fresh herbs

_ cut a circle [use a cookie cutter or pint glass] out of the center of each bread slice [use rather big bread slices or rather small eggs]

fox hole in bread egg

_ melt butter in a large frying pan over medium-high heat

_ put bread in the pan and fry until golden

_ turn breads over and crack an egg into the hole of each bread

fox hole in bread egg

_ continue to fry until eggs turn white [egg yolk should stay rather liquid]

[you can speed up the process by putting a lid on the pan – but then the egg yolk will not stay liquid]

_ season with salt and pepper or sweet chili sauce

_ sprinkle with finely chopped herbs

fox hole in bread egg

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