January 20, 2015

In SanFrancisco there is this amazing ‘Hippie’ supermarket. They have pretty much everything a foodie could dream of – and all that in a great quality. Next to some funny looking radishes we bought ‘ginger people’ – ginger spread. It’s meant as a bread spread – but can be used on ice cream and other desserts – as well as in teas and lemonades. The ingredients only listed ‘ginger’ and ‘sugar’ – so I gave making it myself a try. Worked pretty much as I hoped it would – with the small side effect that the ginger spread was burn-you-tong-out spicy. So just cooking down ginger with sugar and pureeing it doesn’t do it. The longer you cook the spread the more edible it will become. So the more water you add – and by that give it more time to simmer down – the milder it will get. Don’t be fooled – it will still be plenty spicy!
[if you want to cheat and speed up the process you can add a tiny bit baking powder – this will take away a little of the spiciness]


  • large ginger root
  • about 1 cup sugar
  • water


_ skin ginger root and cut into thin slices [side ways to cut up as many fibers as possible]

_ put ginger into a small sauce pan and cover with water [cover with a lid]

_ heat and simmer until ginger is very soft – about 1 hour [check regularly to see if there is still some water in the pan]

_ let cool slightly

_ blend ginger until very smooth

_ measure and place back into the sauce pan

_ add as much sugar as ginger puree [1 cup ginger : 1 cup sugar]

_ add 1 to 2 cups water

_ bring to a boil

_ simmer until enough water is evaporated to be a smooth spread [might take 1 to 2 hours]

[ginger spread will be super spicy – the more water you add and the longer you cook it down the less spicy it will be]

_ spoon spread into sterile jars

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