April 29, 2014

Slowly the elder trees start to flower. I love how the whole air smells like it. Each year i like to collect the flowers and make at least one or two bottles of syrup. It’s a mystery to me how my grandmother managed to produce docents and docents of bottles. She offered us elder flower syrup all year round.
If you happen to spend some sunny summer days in Austria be sure to try ‘Hollunderspritzer’. It’s white wine, sparkling water and elder flower syrup – just great!

If you harvest your flowers make sure they are in high bloom. The best would be to get them after 4 to 5 sunny days without rain!


  • elderflowers
  • sugar
  • water

_ collect elder flowers [try to get rid of as many bugs as possible]

_ place them in a jar

_ dissolve sugar in lukewarm water [1 g sugar : 1 ml water]

_ cover flowers with sugar water

_ cover jar and keep for 5 days

_ syrup should taste clearly of elder flower [if flavor is too weak – let sit for a few more days]

[depending on the conditions the syrup might ferment slightly – this will taste lemony what is ok, if not desirable]

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