August 6, 2014

Asians just have the greatest snacks! During my work in Cambodia I fell in love with fried and seasoned seaweed!!! Sounds weird – but is crazy delicious! Unfortunately it only stays crunchy for like ten seconds thanks to the humidity.

Edamame are the next best thing! Edamame (literally ‘stem bean’) is a preparation of immature soybeans in a pod. They usually get steamed or cooked and are served sprinkled with salt. If you are lucky your local Japanese restaurant serves them as a starter. By the way – don’t eat the husk! – tastes yucky and your Japanese waiter will laugh at you!

In Europe you usually get them frozen, with or without husk. There are many seasoning recipes on the web – but the traditional way is just sprinkled with coarse salt.



  • water
  • as many frozen edamame as you can get your hands on
  • coarse salt


_ bring water to a boil [should be enough to cover all your edamame]

_ add frozen edamame

_ cook for 4-6 minutes [until defrosted and warmed through]

_ drain

_ sprinkle with coarse salt

_ start the snacking frenzy


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