April 10, 2018

I saw this cake decoration on a picture on the web a while ago. Loved the idea. Couldn’t find a recipe for it so I kind of winged it.
I was a little worried that the grass would get soggy after a few hours and the cake ends up being a sad, green mess. But surprisingly the opposite is the case. If you use too much grass it’s like a grass cage that is almost tough to cut through.


  • your favourite chocolate cake recipe
  • white frosting of your choice
  • edible green Easter grass [I needed 3 packages]
  • chocolate Easter bunny

_ bake and frost your cake according to recipe [I used this recipe and just supplemented 2 tablespoons flour with cocoa powder]

_ chill until the frosting has completely set

_ cut the Easter grass into 1.5 to 2 cm long strips

_ spread them out on a little tray and spray with a very small amount of water [I used a bread brush]

[take care not to use too much water – the grass will get soggy and lose structure]

_ cluster the grass together in small little nests

_ place onto the cake and softly press into the frosting

_ add more and more of the little nests [place them tight]

_ spray with a little more water to make them stick together

_ keep adding grass nests until the whole cake is covered

[don’t make the grass layer too thick – the grass gets rather tough to cut]

_ place the Easter bunny on top and refrigerate until serving

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