April 13, 2017

In the little group of houses I grew up in community is big. Once a year we celebrate the end of summer by making a huge garden party. Every year somebody else is hosting. Everybody bringst something different to eat – whatever he likes best. Over the years some dishes have become tradition. Me – I bring tiramisu. My tiramisu got a real reputation for being very special. Which is totally odd. I’ve always been using the measurement on the mascarpone container. The only thing I do differently is that I like to whisk the egg whites separately – this gives it an extra fluffiness. And I really recommend using wholegrain lady fingers. They don’t soak up so much coffee. Which means they can soak up more of the moisture of the mascarpone. They end up really nice and soft and the whole tiramisu gets a bit more cut-able.


  • 500g mascarpone
  • 3 eggs
  • 100g sugar
  • 40-50 lady fingers [wholegrain]
  • brewed coffee
  • 20ml rum
  • cocoa powder

_ brew coffee ahead of time so it can cool down to room temperature before using

_ add the rum to the coffee

_ prepare a dish / dishes that work with the size of your lady fingers [rectangular shapes work better than round ones]

_ separate egg yolks from egg whites

_ beat egg whites until stiff

_ combine egg yolks with sugar and beat until pale and fluffy

_ mix in mascarpone

_ fold in the stiff egg white

_ spoon a few tablespoons of cream into your dish

_ briefly dip lady fingers into the coffee [don’t let them soak for too long]

_ position them in a single layer on top of the cream

_ cover with mascarpone cream

_ continue layering lady fingers and cream [change direction of the ladyfingers with every new layer]

_ finish with a thicker layer of cream

_ refrigerate over night

[the tiramisu is eatable right away but it will take a couple of hours for the lady fingers to take the moisture out of the cream for it to hold its structure]

_ dust with cocoa powder

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