December 30, 2016

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Well… ok, not really anymore. It was Christmas when I made this cake.
I was looking for some happy winter spirit without going super traditional. I love this cake decoration. It’s super simple and quick to make.
To get a bit of a snow landscape feel it’s best to go for a white frosting. Feel free to use whatever frosting you like best. I used one from a naked cake recipe I posted a while ago.
Happy holidays! :)


  • marzipan
  • Pretzel sticks [e.g. Soletti]
  • sugar
  • green food coloring [or colored sugar / sprinkles]

_ prepare a couple of shallow dishes with colored sugar

[you can use store bought colored sugar or sprinkles if you can get some or just use liquid food coloring to dye your sugar to different greens]

_ knead marzipan for a few seconds to get it nice and soft

_ shape little cones [vary in size and thickness]

_ use a wooden skewer or toothpick to make a hole in the bottom of each cone

_ insert a Pretzel stick so a good 2 to 3 cm still tick out of the marzipan

_ roll cones in differently colored sugar

[cover and store in the fridge until used – not more than a couple of hours]

_ poke a hole into the top of your cake with a skewer or chopstick where you want to ‘plant a tree’

_ arrange trees on top of your cake [taller ones usually in the middle]

[don’t decorate your cake too far in advance – the Pretzel sticks tend to take moisture from the frosting and go a little soft after a while and might not be able to hold the weight of the marzipan tree anymore]

It’s always nice to make a couple of extra ‘trees’ without any Pretzel stick tree trunk and use them as decoration next to the cake.

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