April 14, 2017

If I think of Easter I always see is my grandmother dying dozens of eggs bright red. She would have a whole box of small stickers with little bunnies and flowers we could pick from. I would always go for the yellow and blue flowers and she would stick one on every egg she prepared. Finally we got handed the crust of a thick piece of bacon. We used the fat on the inside to make the eggs shine. Finally you end up with shiny red eggs that smell like bacon. Very weird memory – but one I remember very fondly.

Ok, why are the eggs you see here not red but blue? As a kid it always creeped me out if the egg white inside the shell was all red. Never trusted that this was safe to eat. All grown up I now know that it’s called food coloring for a reason. But still I decided to give an organic alternative a try. I like the end result. Just takes a long time and a lot of blueberries. Not exactly the most effective way to go when you have 10 grandkids waiting for the easter bunny.


  • white hard boiled eggs
  • 125g blueberries [frozen or hand picked – no ‘Kulturheidelbeeren’, those mutant snack-berries have too little color in them]
  • vinegar


_ place blueberries in a small saucepan [with a little water]

_ simmer until blueberries are soft enough to squash with a fork

_ rub eggs with vinegar [to remove all oils from its surface]

_ place eggs into the blueberry juice


_ 10 to 30 minutes will give it a light blue color [the longer you leave the eggs in the juice the darker the color will get]

_ carefully remove eggs from juice [the color surface is easily scratched]

_ leave to dry

[you can use a brush with vinegar to draw on your eggs]


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