October 6, 2017

Making this syrup always brings back fond memories of my mom taking care of me when I was sick as a child. Even though it has a slightly sharp flavour [hinting at the antibacterial effect] and smells like radish [so essentially gross if you want something sweet] it’s essentially liquid rock candy. So naturally I loved it.
A large black radish will give around 100ml of cough syrup. So if your throat is really not feeling well you might want get a couple of radishes started simultaneously.
The syrup has a lot of essential oils and vitamins [A, B1, B2, C] and is best used fresh [but will keep a few days in the fridge].


  • black radish
  • rock candy

_ pick a glass where the radish sits nicely on top [the radish will shrink during the process and tends to slide into the glass if it’s not tight enough]

_ cut of the top and bottom of the radish
_ use a small knife or sharp spoon to hollow out the radish [leaving a 2-3 mm thick brim]
_ use a knitting needle to pinch a hole into the bottom of the radish
_ roughly chop the white radish part out of the center
_ mix with rock candy [about 1:1]
_ place mixture back into the empty radish

_ leave to drip down for 1-2 days [it will take 1-2 hours for the juice to start dripping]
_ refill with more chopped radish and rock candy if it empties out
_ take 1-2 tablespoons up to 4 time a day

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