September 20, 2014

This recipe is a bit tricky and super messy :) In theory quite easy to make it takes a few tries to make it perfect. It all depends on the thickness of the bacon, the temperature of your oven and the time you have it in there. Personally I like to get bacon from the mountain without any extra seasoning [like caraway – juck] and quite thick [1.5 mm]. While baking make sure the bacon is only sweating and not frying – you want it chewy and not black]. If you are doubting whether to go for another round of painting and baking or not – don’t do it! The bacon will get a bit harder while cooling down and you don’t wanna end up with a hard brick.



  • 450g bacon [slightly thicker stripes]
  • 0.5cups brown sugar
  • 0.25cups dark beer

_ preheat oven to 140°C

_ place bacon on a baking rack

_ bake for 10min [bacon should be sweating, but not getting black – otherwise adjust temperature]

_ mix beer and sugar well


_ paint the bacon with sugar-beer on both sides


_ bake another 10min

_ repeat baking and painting 4 to 5 times [until bacon gets crispy, but still slightly chewy]

_ let cool on the rack


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