June 5, 2014

There is a great german pot cast about cooking called Culinaricast. They make it seem like cooking in super easy and that frying a turkey is something you do for afternoon tea. Once in a while we give their recipes a try. We are not quite at the fried turkey level yet, but pesto, caramelized bacon and pizza work well :)

Use basil pesto on pasta, pizza or fish. Drizzle over the over the still warm dish so the basil can spread its full aroma. Also makes for a nice plate decoration.

Basil pesto stores quite well in the fridge. Store in an air tight container [use glass or ceramic so it doesn’t stain].


  • big bunch basil
  • 50ml good olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic

fox_basil_pesto_ wash basil and pad dry

_ remove stalksfox_basil_pesto

_ puree all ingredients until you get a creamy texture and no big leave parts are left [if necessary add more oil, but try to use as little as possible to have a strong basil taste]fox_basil_pesto

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