April 30, 2014

My sister bought a pasta machine and started to make her own pasta from scratch. Now she introduced me to the first basics. I don’t know how – since there is only flour, eggs and water in there – but fresh pasta tastes so much better than store bought one. Maybe it’s just because so worked so hard for it :) Thanks for teaching me zus!


  • 225g pasta flour [00 flour]
  • 2 large eggs [room temperature]
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 – 2 tablespoons water [lukewarm]
  • extra flour

fox_pasta2_ in a bowl make a flour crater and place the eggs and the water in the middle

_ starting in the center work in the flour with a fork

_ once half the flour is incorporated transfer to a wooden surface

_ knead dough until moderately smooth [about 5min]

[if you want to fill your dough keep it more on the sticky side]

_ form dough into a ball and cover with a bowl

_ let rest for 30min

_ cut dough into 4 sections [use one at a time and keep the rest covered]

_ flatten through your sheeter [using  the largest opening]

_ fold dough in on itself and flatten again a couple of times

_ once dough is smooth and remotely rectangular start reducing the thickness of the rollersfox_pasta3

_ lightly sprinkle flour on the surface to keep it from sticking to the machine

_ reduce thickness one step at a time until you are happy with how thin it is

_ place on a floured kitchen cloth to dry

_ repeat with remaining 3 pieces of dough

_ after 15min of drying cut into desired pasta shape [pasta should be dry enough to not stick, but not brittle]fox_pasta4

_ cook immediately or form little nests to dry completely

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