October 22, 2016

My dear Americans. Thank you for all the yummy dessert recipes you always blog that contain pumpkin puree. They look amazing and I know they taste great. Be we over here in central Europe can’t buy pumpkin puree in cans. Don’t know why – but that’s how it is.
So for all my fellow bakers over here – no need to miss out on all those lovely desserts. Making pumpkin puree is super easy and you will be done in no time. You can make a big batch and freeze it in small portions for when you might need it.

pumpkin [sugar pie, winter luxury or Hokkaido]

_ preheat oven to 190°C [375°F]
_ cut pumpkin in half and remove seeds

fox_pumpkin_puree fox_pumpkin_puree
_ place cut side down on a baking sheet [silpat is best] on a baking tray [the pumpkins will loose quite some liquid]

_ roast in the oven for 50 to 60 minutes until flesh is soft and fragrant [if you poke the pumpkin with the finger it should easily dent]

_ remove from the oven and leave to cool a little

_ use a spoon to scoop out the flesh [discard of the skin]

_ puree flesh with a blender until silky smooth

Puree keeps well for about 3 days in the fridge. Put small portions in freezer bags to keep for longer. [1 freeze 1 cup per bag because this is the amount I usually need for my recipes]fox_pumpkin_puree

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